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ACDC - The PhD Students' Association

School life

This association brings together young researchers and PhD students at Centrale Nantes. Its role is that of a communicative and informative structure between researchers and PhD students, and establishes links between industrial and academic research.
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The Association of Researchers and PhD Students of Centrale Nantes (ACDC) is an association created by and for doctoral students and young researchers. It is open to all doctoral students and young researchers (e.g post-docs) of the laboratories of Centrale Nantes and is managed by an elected office from among its members.

The ACDC operates through two distinct and complementary frameworks:

In a socio-cultural context, it offers sporting, cultural and entertainment activities ...  in Nantes and its region in order to build social links between doctoral students and young researchers who are undertaking their thesis or post-doctorate in Centrale Nantes laboratories. Trips in France or Europe are also organized by the association. Finally, the ACDC participates actively in welcoming new doctoral candidates and post-docs.

In an academic setting, the ACDC aims, among other things, to provide academic and professional information to PhD students, such as procedures or training to be followed at the Doctoral School level or career prospects after the thesis.



Executive members

Chuma NCOBO, Vice-President
Ahmad MORSEL, Treasurer
Jinane MURR, General Secretary
Published on August 28, 2003 Updated on November 8, 2022