International Relations Department - Meet the team

The International Relations Department contributes to the attractiveness and international visibility of training and research at Centrale Nantes through the following core activities:
  • Developing partnerships with European and non-European higher education institutions, and ensuring a strong presence in international networks;
  • Promoting the incoming and outgoing mobility of students in Double Degree, Master and PhD programmes and proving individual support to each student;
  • Participating actively in European and international higher education projects of excellence.

Vincent FREMONT - Director of International Relations

Director of International Relations

Aurélien SERANDOUR - Deputy Director of International Relations

+33 228080371

Anne-Laure FREMONDIERE - General Manager of International Relations

ext. 68 27

Ilde AGRESTA - Mobility Scholarships

Erasmus+ – EIFFEL – Envoléo
tel 02 55 58 90 63

Leslie CUBIZOLLES - International Masters

JEMARO – Promotion – Recruitment – Admission
ext. 68 36

Emily DUCOIN-CHAI - Recruitment of International Students

Foundation Master – Fast Track
ext. 24 25

Clémentine HOUSSAIS - International Mobility for the Engineering Programme

Clémentine HOUSSAIS
Double Degree – Study Semesters – Supervised Mobility
ext. 15 80

Caroline KERELLO - European and International Projects

Caroline KERELLO
Erasmus+ Cooperation – Capacity building – UPNM
ext. 15 18

Marie-Pierre PECHOUTRE - International Masters

Marie-Pierre PECHOUTRE
E-PiCo – Promotion – Recruitment – Admission
ext. 68 51

Cécilia PROVOST - Budget and European projects

Project set-up and monitoring – Budgets
ext. 69 96

Linda SERANDOUR - International Partnerships

NExT – Partnerships – PhD partnerships
tel: 02 55 58 90 64

Academic advisors

A number of professors work with the International Relations Department as advisors, most of whom take responsibility for a geographic area:
Canada Jean BIGEON (
Spain Marta HERRERA (
Lebanon Mira RIZKALLAH (
China Zhe LI (
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, UK Aurélien SERANDOUR (
India, Masters Erasmus Mundus, Oceania, Portugal, USA Vincent FREMONT (
Morocco Ahmed LOUKILI (
Japan Morgan MAGNIN
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico Josep PINYOL-VIDAL
Brazil, Central Europe, Russia Ina TARALOVA (
Baltic countries, Netherlands, Scandinavia Simon POIRET (
Italy Giulio SCIARRA (
Published on August 24, 2010 Updated on March 21, 2023