Student Associations

A very lively and dynamic associative activity, thanks to student commitment and the active support of the school.

  • More than 110 clubs and associations
  • Various activities all year round: robotics club, film club, poker, cookery, Zik, ski week, participation in 4L trophy etc
  • Events of regional or national scope: Créadanse, Inkjet Competition, Nemo Challenge, international week etc
Students can find an activity that allows them to express their talents, to develop their organization, project management, and communication skills. A great experience on a personal level, but also a first step towards professional skills.

BDE - Bureau des Elèves (Centrale Nantes Student Association)

The Centrale Nantes Student Association is an association falling within the remit of the French law "loi 1901". The BDE, elected annually, provides multiple services to the students. It welcomes and facilitates the integration of new students, organizes student events, supports initiatives and represents students at regional and national level. It is also the vehicle for communication between students and other bodies of the school.

BDA - Bureau des arts (Student Arts Association)

The BDA organises cultural activities for the student body, such as concerts, exhibitions etc on the school premises; and music, dance, drawing lessons on campus. The BDA also keeps the students informed about cultural events in Nantes.

BDS - Bureau des sports (Student Sports Association)

The BDS is part of Centrale Nantes' Sports Association. The school is present at major university and federal sporting events: participation in the inter-regional and French championships, French sailing competitions, Paris half-marathon etc.

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Published on March 26, 2017 Updated on September 7, 2022