Soft Skills

The Business Science and Social Science Modules are taught every Tuesday.

You have to choose Business Science Modules and Social Science Modules from the menus presented in the downloadable catalogue below.

The modules form four different blocks of competencies:

IAM Modules = Personal development (employability: self-awareness, self-confidence)
  • basic: se connaître - be self-aware
  • intermediate: convaincre - convince others
  • advanced: s'engager - commit
OSO Modules = Interaction with others (the eco-system of organisations, contributing to their operation and development)
  • basic: recevoir, écouter - receive, listen
  • intermediate: donner, parler, écrire - give, speak, write
  • advanced: développer des réseaux - build networks
INOV Modules = Innovation in one's environment (ecology, innovation, entrepreneurship and finance, ability to take up challenges and understand complexity)
  • basic: s'ouvrir et respecter - open up and respect
  • intermediate: appréhender la complexité - grasp complexity
  • advanced: imaginer, entreprendre - imagine, undertake
PRO Modules = Project Management (project management, management methods, interpersonal interaction)
  • basic: comprendre - understand
  • intermediate: décider, agir - decide, act
  • advanced: entraîner - lead
Modules are organised in the form of menus with each menu comprising 4 Business Science modules and 4 Social Science modules. During your first year at Centrale Nantes you can acquire 8 competencies - 4 'basic' and 4 'intermediate' competencies. Your wheel will be complete at the end of your second year with 4 'advanced' competencies in each block.
Through the modules followed you thus acquire competencies. The Competency Wheel is designed for students to be able to follow their individual progress throughout their curriculum at Centrale Nantes. At the end of each module the teacher will assess the level acquired in each relevant competency:
  • 0 - Absent
  • 1 - Not acquired
  • 2 - Basic level
  • 3 - Very good level
  • 4 - Expert (top 5%)
A level '2' or higher successfully completes the module. Re-sits are offered in the event of a 0 or 1 in the form of an individual project.

Completion requirements

To pass your 1st year you must have acquired 8 or more level 2 skills:
  • At the end of the first semester (S5): 3 or more level 2 skills
  • At the end of the second semester (S6): 8 or more level 2 skills, including the 4 basic skills

To pass your 2nd year you must have acquired 4 advanced skills, i.e. a level 2 in the 12 skills of the wheel and a level 3 or more per block.
NB The first-year P2E project allows you to acquire 4 competencies - one from each block: 'Convaincre' (IAM), 'Donner-Parler-Ecrire' (OSO) 'S'ouvrir et Respecter' (INOV) and 'Comprendre' or 'Décider-Agir' according to the team's choice (PRO).
Published on September 6, 2018 Updated on September 9, 2022